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  • Baseless charges in Yemen signal intensified persecution September 18, 2018
    SANA'A, Yemen, 18 SEPTEMBER 2018, (BWNS)Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi authorities have, in a court hearing Saturday, targeted some 20 Baha’is with a string of baseless charges. This action comes at a time when the leader of the Houthis has incited the population to violence against Baha’is and other religious minorities.
  • Baha’i youth participate in UN High Level Political Forum September 12, 2018
    NEW YORK, 12 September 2018, (CBNS)At the recent 2018 United Nations High-Level Political Forum, held in New York over the summer, the Baha’i community made a number of contributions to the conversation about the role of youth in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), collectively referred to as Agenda 2030. The Forum is an annual gathering of m […]
  • Community Restores the Totem of Dorothy Maquabeak Francis August 1, 2018
    New Westminster, B.C., 1 AUGUST 2018, (CBNS)In Queen’s Park of New Westminster, British Columbia, stands a totem pole that honours Dorothy Maquabeak Francis, a woman whose legacy of service to humanity is still influencing lives today. Dorothy Francis was a member of the Baha’i community, who among many other significant contributions, established the first […]
  • Baha'is Commemorate "the Martyrdom of the Bab" July 9, 2018
    Toronto, 9 July 2018, (CBNS)Baha’is in hundreds of cities, towns, and villages across the country will gather tomorrow to commemorate the martyrdom of “the Báb”, the Prophet-Herald of their Faith. Ashraf Rushdy, a Baha’i from Toronto, said that the Bab had a specific role in the development of the Baha’i Faith. “His mission was to gather people and to help t […]
  • Embassy of Chile celebrates the Baha’i Temple of South America June 12, 2018
    Ottawa, 12 June 2018, (CBNS)“It is not every day you have the chance to launch a book that takes us through a creative journey, the refining of a concept, how it turns it into a design and then into a building in the foothills of Santiago.” With those words, Ambassador Alejandro Marisio welcomed guests of the Embassy of Chile to his official residence in Ott […]
  • Book Launch on Stoney Nakoda First Nation highlights unity and justice June 5, 2018
    Stoney Nakoda First Nation, 5 June 2018The Stoney Nakoda First Nation west of Calgary, Alberta was host in May to a book launch for Equals and Partners: A Spiritual Journey Toward Reconciliation and Oneness, Wazin Îchinabi, a new memoir by southern Alberta author Patricia Verge. Wazin Îchinabi is the Stoney-Nakoda word for oneness.
  • Baha’is Gather for Annual National Convention May 30, 2018
    Toronto, 29 May 2018From May 24-27, Baha’is from across Canada gathered at the Toronto Baha’i Centre for the annual Baha’i National Convention. The primary purpose of the Convention is to elect the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Canada, a nine-person consultative body that serves as the governing council for the Baha’is of Canada. The 171 dele […]
  • Iran Accountability Week led by all-party group for sixth year running May 18, 2018
    OTTAWA and TORONTO, 18 MAY 2018, (CBNS)For the past six years, the first week of May has been marked by members of all federal political parties as “Iran Accountability Week”. The initiative was started by former Attorney General Irwin Cotler, a member of the Liberal Party, to hold Iran to account for incitement to genocide, among other threats presented to […]
  • Young adults gather to discuss a national youth policy for Canada May 4, 2018
    TORONTO, 4 MAY 2018, (CBNS)On April 28th, a small group of youth came together at the Toronto Baha’i Centre to participate in a consultative process launched by the federal government to design a national youth policy. The process, open to every part of the country, encourages youth to engage their peers to generate ideas that can inform the efforts of the f […]
  • Canadian Baha’is join delegation to the 62nd UN Commission on the Status of Women May 3, 2018
    NEW YORK, 3 MAY 2018, (CBNS)Two members of the Baha’i community participated as delegates in the recent 62nd United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, held in New York from March 12 to 23, 2018. Mary Darling and Esther Maloney were part of a delegation of the Baha’i International Community’s United Nations Office.
  • Ridvan: A 12-day festival of joy May 2, 2018
    TORNOTO, 2 MAY 2018, (CBNS)The Baha’i Festival of Ridvan, celebrated this year from April 21-May 2, is a special time for Baha’is that marks the beginning of the religion in 1863.  Ridvan is a word from the Arabic language meaning ‘paradise’, a name that Baha’u’llah, the prophet-founder of the Baha’i Faith, gave to a beautiful garden located on the banks of […]
  • Radio-Canada show creates an emotional reunion for two Bahá’í women of Saguenay April 11, 2018
    Montréal, 16 April 2018 (CBNS)Thanks to a Radio-Canada television series called “Deuxième chance” [Second Chance], two Bahá’í women from Saguenay, originally from Iran, had an emotional reunion with old friends they had not seen for thirty years or so. Through hard-to-believe accounts and reunions, the programme tells stories of immigration, assistance and m […]
  • Re-examining reconciliation April 2, 2018
    VICTORIA, 2 APRIL 2018, (BWNS)Prof. Jeremy Webber, Dean of Law at the University of Victoria, looked out at a packed room. Government officials, Indigenous and religious leaders, students and academics, and members of the community had gathered for a symposium on reconciliation between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of the country. The event sought […]
  • Baha’is Celebrate Naw-Ruz with friends and neighbours March 19, 2018
    TORONTO, 19 MARCH 2018, (CBNS)On March 21st, millions of people across the world will take another step in moving to the rhythms of a new calendar. In Canada, some 35,000 will be celebrating the Baha’i New year, called “Naw-Ruz”, with their friends and neighbours. Many cultures with Indo-European roots mark the Spring Equinox with ancient traditions associat […]
  • Baha’is celebrate Ayyam-i-Ha with hospitality, charity and gifts February 28, 2018
    TORONTO, 27 FEBRUARY 2018, (CBNS)The period of Ayyam-i-Ha in the Baha’i calendar is described as days of “hospitality, charity and gift-giving.” One group of friends in Toronto participated in a few activities this past weekend to honour the occasion.